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AskMenon is a one-to-one telephonic career coaching that takes the guesswork out of your move to India. When you experience

How it works

Achyut Menon, the India Career Coach and/or his team of career experts will work with you in the telephonic coaching session lasting 30

Coach Profile

My LinkedIn profile lists chronologically my professional stints, a little bit of what I tried to achieve, and a few milestones in between...

Expat Hiring

Salary Expectations

Expat Hiring

Salary Expectations


  • Achyut Menon spent time with me in order to understand my specific requirements, gave a very sound advice at the time..
    -Ankur Manake,India.

  • The term vision would come right on top, if i were to pick Achyut's top most quality as an entrepreneur. He has foreseen an niche...
    -Sunil Robert, TCS

  • Achyut is a person who is very well networked, and a responsible individual. For a person belonging to placement industry...
    -Mrunmay Das, Entrepreneur

  • Achyut is supporting our business development in India. I do respect him as a professional in managing the (complex)...
    -Ralf Lünding, Client

  • It is my pleasure and privilege to recommend Achyut Menon. I have known him as an Industry colleague for some time...
    -Mohan Srinivasan, CEO Datamatics

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Without doubt, India is one of the hottest employment markets in the world today. With the economy looking healthier than most others in the world and companies planning for faster growth, opportunities abound in India for global professionals. "India" in their resume is a huge plus.

On the other hand, India is also an enigmatic employment market. So, naturally, questions arise about how one can plan a career in India.

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