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My LinkedIn Profilelists chronologically my professional stints, a little bit of what I tried to achieve, and a few milestones in between.

You may also know a little more about me- through some thoughts I have tried to articulate onMy Blogs over the last 11 years (there are over 380 posts !). May be they will help in understanding where I come from-and my impressions about some of the changes happening in the ecosystem.

I am a person who is lucky to have found my calling. Fortunate to be doing things I have wanted to-so much so that my personal and professional lives are so intertwined that I wouldn't know if I am working ever. I love meeting people from different walks of life, keenly observing them, learning from them, figuring out what makes them tick, sharing their successes with others. Reading. Networking. Sharing, Growing, Helping others grow.

India has changed. One cannot pinpoint but there have been many catalysts that have led to this change. Looking back, I have been fortunate to have been through it all, experiencing the transformation at very close quarters, gathering valuable inputs that have enriched my journey.Initially as a management graduate trying to chart out my career, and post a 9yr stint as a professional in the corporate world, constantly grappling with the dynamics of the Indian job market. And since the last 25 years as an entrepreneur, an established and continuously growing executive search consultant!

I have been closely helping companies hire the right talent. Companies, of varying sizes, spanning different points of their lifecycle,across industries, across levels / functions /locations. Large Indian family business groups, MNC giants entering India, local regional players fighting back, SMEs, startups – of all kinds-the boot strapping, VC funded firms…

I have also been fortunate to be rated among the top HR influencers in India - by SHRM ( who use social media.

And yes, helping aspiring jobseekers and others articulate their vision, aspirations, competencies,…taking stock to be able to identify that ‘single break’ catapulting them back into the race!

Realising the power of collaboration/relationships, I have built networks of similar minded recruiters across the major cities in India-to enable and expand both the width and depth of reach- and help companies/jobseekers explore more options. To keep myself updated and aware I am an active member in diverse groups of professionals- management associations, HRD networks, ERA, NPA, TiE, BNI, startups, SMEs-both online and offline.

During the last few years, as more and more foreign companies look to enter/expand into India, it has been very enlightening to understand that there is a need for a 'culture fit' more than ever before.

Since 1998, I have been interacting with the ever growing numbers of the "internationally trained " returning Indians’ and have been setting expectations right for both the employers and potential jobseekers. I have had the opportunity to visit and spend time with some of the Indian Diaspora –who are professionals in the US, UK, Australia, Singapore, UAE and Philippines. Be it the IT folks in the Silicon Valley or Seattle, the pharma crowd in Phadelphia, Banking & Financial services experts in New Jersey, London and Singapore, or the infrastructure engineers in Sydney and Dubai, each one has provided an unique insight for me.

I am positive I can help sensitise you to the changes and help you make your decisions. Trust we could work together to help you find solutions!


  • Achyut Menon spent time with me in order to understand my specific requirements, gave a very sound advice at the time..
    -Ankur Manake,India.

  • The term vision would come right on top, if i were to pick Achyut's top most quality as an entrepreneur. He has foreseen an niche...
    -Sunil Robert, TCS

  • Achyut is a person who is very well networked, and a responsible individual. For a person belonging to placement industry...
    -Mrunmay Das, Entrepreneur

  • Achyut is supporting our business development in India. I do respect him as a professional in managing the (complex)...
    -Ralf Lünding, Client

  • It is my pleasure and privilege to recommend Achyut Menon. I have known him as an Industry colleague for some time...
    -Mohan Srinivasan, CEO Datamatics

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