AskMenon is a prepaid coaching service which takes the guesswork out of your career roadmap. These days India is among the preferred destinations for people from all over the world. As with any other step in your career, such a move requires a lot of contemplation whether to go with the Status quo or go ahead and make a move. Having been in the recruitment industry for more than 25 years, we have a lot of experience in understanding the dynamics of different industries, having placed more than 1000 senior professionals in different organizations.

AK Menon is a veteran of the Recruitment industry and has been mentoring and placing people at all levels in the organization. He is a member of NPA, the premier network for recruitment professionals. He has a lot of experience in matching organizations and the talent available. Please click here for his detailed profile.

AskMenon can provide you information/validate your understanding of the ground realities regarding Recruitment scenario in India. You can check about any information regarding any move you are contemplating.

Some of the queries which you can ask are

  • With my skillset which companies should I try out for?
  • Which cities have a good match for my profile?
  • What are the opportunities for my profile in a particular city?
  • What is the remuneration level for my skillset?
  • Any other career related query.

You need to schedule 20-30 minutes sessions with AskMenon. In these sessions you will have all the 25 plus years of Achyut Menon's experience and the wide research available at your disposal. These sessions will be one on one sessions with an expert from AskMenon.com.

Once your payment is confirmed, Achyut Menon will take your call for the scheduled session.

You are advised to range your questions so as to fit the conversation within the allotted time so as to ensure that the call does not stand terminated in the midst of the session.

On completion of scheduled conversation,you will be intimated/alerted by a beep indicating the last lap of the session.

The one to one conversation will stand terminated at the completion of the 20/30th minute.

In the event of your wanting to a further session, you may book and confirm the same for another convenient date and slot.

  • The payment details are available at Please follow the instructions and make the payment.
  • We will send you confirmation of the session details at the earliest. In case it cannot be accommodated, we will revert back to you. Rest assured that we will schedule your session at the earliest.
  • We will email you the details of the GTalk/Skype and the time when you need to call.


  • Achyut Menon spent time with me in order to understand my specific requirements, gave a very sound advice at the time..
    -Ankur Manake,India.

  • The term vision would come right on top, if i were to pick Achyut's top most quality as an entrepreneur. He has foreseen an niche...
    -Sunil Robert, TCS

  • Achyut is a person who is very well networked, and a responsible individual. For a person belonging to placement industry...
    -Mrunmay Das, Entrepreneur

  • Achyut is supporting our business development in India. I do respect him as a professional in managing the (complex)...
    -Ralf Lünding, Client

  • It is my pleasure and privilege to recommend Achyut Menon. I have known him as an Industry colleague for some time...
    -Mohan Srinivasan, CEO Datamatics

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