Customized Coaching

Long-term, Open-ended Engagements

If you are looking for enduring improvement, these are for you. An engagement is over a few weeks, and each week we'll speak once or twice. We can speak face-to-face (I'm in Hyderabad) or via phone or skype. I coach in the following areas:

Engagement Job Search Career Growth Leadership
Description You and I will find the job that needs you… so that you canplay your natural game on a pitch that suits you best. Get back to fighting form if things aren't going well. Or improve your good form whenthings are going well. As the sporting world shows, being a star doesn't always translate into becoming a successful leader. But leadership can be learnt.
Some questions we'll deal with How to be headhunted and referred?
How to evaluate an opportunity as a whole, in terms of responsibilities, location, learning, money and so on?
How to exploit unorthodox known techniques like proving yourself with a no-risk mini-project?
How to stand out for your strengths and successes, not lose out for weaknesses?
How to turn an interrogation or appraisal into an interview?
What to do when you're underqualified but know you can do the job? Or you're overqualified but need the job?
Are career-problems really work-related or are they home-related?
How to exploit change and confusion?
How to find out what's really wanted from you?
How to get what you deserve, including the pay cheque?
Is something (or somebody) pulling you down? How can you take it on, bypass it or cope with it?
What really motivates you?
When to switch and when to stay put and fight it out?
How to assess fairly and criticise constructively?
How to coach and how to captain?
How to give credit where it is due and take credit where it is due to you?
How to select winning teams and be selected for high-profile projects?
What is your natural leadership style?
Which soft skills must you work on? (The so-called soft skills can make or break a boss.)


  • Achyut Menon spent time with me in order to understand my specific requirements, gave a very sound advice at the time..
    -Ankur Manake,India.

  • The term vision would come right on top, if i were to pick Achyut's top most quality as an entrepreneur. He has foreseen an niche...
    -Sunil Robert, TCS

  • Achyut is a person who is very well networked, and a responsible individual. For a person belonging to placement industry...
    -Mrunmay Das, Entrepreneur

  • Achyut is supporting our business development in India. I do respect him as a professional in managing the (complex)...
    -Ralf Lünding, Client

  • It is my pleasure and privilege to recommend Achyut Menon. I have known him as an Industry colleague for some time...
    -Mohan Srinivasan, CEO Datamatics

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