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A coaching session with AskMenon is time well spent.

Achyut Menon, the India Career Coach will work with you in the telephonic coaching session. You may book a mutually convenient time, based on the calendar schedule your consultation link. You may choose your day and time-typically 20 minutes of duration ( with an occasional slot of 30 minutes ! ).

During the session, you can talk about your concerns, raise questions and seek clarification on any specific issue you might be facing. The coaching session is about you and you alone. AskMenon, backed by a skilled research and resource team, will help you clarify your needs and focus your mind to act on issues that can have highly positive impact on your next planned career -be move to India, or within India, or even to any other global location.

While one session provides a good enough time for simple counselling, often times, you might need multiple sessions to clarify all your concerns. You are welcome to schedule follow up calls, as and when desired.

After all, moving to India from a distant land is not a simple decision.

PS: please seek details of specific packages -based on the stage of your career/services desired.


  • Achyut Menon spent time with me in order to understand my specific requirements, gave a very sound advice at the time..
    -Ankur Manake,India.

  • The term vision would come right on top, if i were to pick Achyut's top most quality as an entrepreneur. He has foreseen an niche...
    -Sunil Robert, TCS

  • Achyut is a person who is very well networked, and a responsible individual. For a person belonging to placement industry...
    -Mrunmay Das, Entrepreneur

  • Achyut is supporting our business development in India. I do respect him as a professional in managing the (complex)...
    -Ralf Lünding, Client

  • It is my pleasure and privilege to recommend Achyut Menon. I have known him as an Industry colleague for some time...
    -Mohan Srinivasan, CEO Datamatics

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